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the Jolly Gunner

2010-04-25 16:58:19 by inhumanundead

Fury has been delayed. I'm working on a Christmas horror animation called the Jolly Gunner. It's about...actually I can't tell you...sorry. All I can tell you is that it's coming onto NG Christmas Day. It's a ten minute film (7200 frames) yeah. Jolly Gunner. Bye.


2010-03-21 00:44:14 by inhumanundead

As you may know, I have been working on a crapload of things. Well guess what...NOW I'M NOT! I'm working on a large animation (yes, no machinima) called Fury.

It is about the Marksman. That's all I can tell you right now.

New Production!

2009-12-28 16:50:28 by inhumanundead

I'm officially recreating the original 1960 Roger Corman movie The Little Shop of Horrors. w00t!

I will also put ALL of the .stks from it up for download AFTER the animation is released.

I am finally converting ALL 3 of my Daemonheart movies to SWFs, so you can experience tha WHOLE DAMN RIDE!

Links to tha original videos on Veoh

Daemonheart (part 1)

Daemonheart II: Damnation

Daemonheart III

w00t! Look for the series sometime before Christmas. Consider it my Christmas gifts to tha NG community! Merry Chrismas!


2009-12-13 21:19:45 by inhumanundead

I'm sorry about the watermark on my post. PLEASE BLAM THAT THING! Flippin' AVI-to-SWF cCOnverter is just the trial version... GODD@#%IT!


Daily Update--12/13/09

2009-12-13 18:21:07 by inhumanundead


dethnite.exe is officially the first film of my company (see my username and my YouTube.)

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The first teaser trailer for dethnite.exe. I'm on YouTube! w00t. Look for me. I'm inhumanundead.

Beginnings, Beginnings...

2009-12-12 14:21:31 by inhumanundead

Ah, Newgrounds. I haven't been here since the games and toons were originally pop-up screens in the windows. I finally got an account. With 3 different projects to work on, I'm pretty filled up, but you can ask me to do any stick-figure animating project, but as long as it's possible in Pivot 2.25.

Here's the lineup so far:

1.10.2010: dethnite.exe
Spring 2010: genesis
Sometime 2010: Komouichi: A Dragon's Tale

w00t! Send any PMs you want to me, just no insults and no cursing. If you do swear in an insulting manner, I'll silence you.

Goodbye, friends

New Promo Image...

2009-12-12 14:10:06 by inhumanundead

Check out the new promotional pic...

New Promo Image...


2009-12-11 22:07:43 by inhumanundead


1. 10. 2010.